The Windows Defender Firewall rule is blocking your connection because of the following reasons : The network is considered unsafe: An application is accessing the network An application is accessing the internet An application is accessing the network without adhering to Windows networking rules Windows Defender Firewall is not currently running Windows Defender Firewall contains a policy that conflicts with another rule This may be a false positive Consider the following actions to help improve your security: Allow this application Remove all rules blocking this application Configure Windows Defender Firewall to prompt for action when a new application tries to access the network Configure Windows Defender Firewall to allow this application Configure Windows Defender Firewall to allow this application access to the internet

Windows Defender Firewall protects your computer from network threats such as viruses and spyware. However, there are times when Windows Defender Firewall blocks your connection to the Internet, and you are unable to connect to the Internet. To fix this problem, you must create a rule to unblock the connection. This article will show you how to create a rule to unblock the connection in Windows Defender Firewall.

Therefore, when this error occurs, users cannot connect to the Internet. Of course, the Windows Defender firewall also prevents you from logging into your computer at that time.

How can I prevent the firewall from blocking my connection?

1. Disable HSS DNS leak rule for firewall resolution

  1. Search for Windows Control Panel and click Control Panel in the search results.
  2. Click Windows Defender Firewall to open this application in the Control Panel.
  3. Then click Allow application or feature through Windows Defender Firewall to open the setting.
  4. Press the Change Settings button.
  5. Uncheck the Private and Public boxes for the HSS-DSS leak rule.
  6. Press OK key.

Users have confirmed that disabling Private and Public in HSS DNS Leak can fix the Windows Defender firewall rule, so definitely try the above steps.

2. Disable Windows Defender Firewall

  1. Open the Windows Defender firewall as described in the step above.
  2. Click Windows Defender Firewall enable or disable to open the WDF settings.
  3. There, select the Turn off Windows Defender Firewall radio button.
  4. Select the OK option.

You can also completely disable Windows Defender’s firewall so that its HSS leak rule no longer blocks the connection, try this by following the steps above.

3. Reinstall the hotspot panel

  1. Start the Run program by pressing the key combination Windows + R.
  2. Type appwiz.cpl in the Open box and click OK to open the Windows uninstaller.
  3. Select the Hotspot Shield software, and then select Uninstall.
  4. Press Yes to confirm that you want to continue uninstalling the software.
  5. Restart Windows after removing Hotspot.
  6. On the program home page, click Get Hotspot Shield to reinstall the latest version of the program.

HSS is Hotspot Shield’s VPN software, and users have reported fixing the bug in the Windows Defender firewall rule by reinstalling Hotspot Shield.

4. Install the best antivirus program

All these problems caused by the Windows Defender firewall can be avoided by installing a third-party antivirus program, because once it is installed on your system, it disables the built-in solution.

Not only will you no longer have a blocked connection, but you will also have much better protection, at least with the security software recommended below.

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This is the end of our step-by-step guide to solving the problem that Windows Defender is blocking your Wi-Fi Internet connection. We hope you can now use it without any problems.

However, if you are tired of the problems and bugs of Windows Defender, you can always take a look at our best antivirus with unlimited license and get the best solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stop Firewall from blocking connection?

There a couple of ways to get around what Windows Firewall is doing in blocking the connection. First, you may want to stop it or uninstall it. Second, you may want to allow programs to be able to connect to the internet. You have to know that by default, Windows Firewall blocks any incoming and outgoing connections with the exception of those specified in the program. You’re surfing the net and suddenly, you can’t access a particular site. Why didn’t you get access? It could be that your connection is down. No, it could also be that your firewall blocked the connection. What’s more, you can’t even access the firewall settings to check it! You can’t reach the control panel, and you can’t even see the settings dialog. What could be going on?

How do I unblock my Internet Connection Firewall?

In the past, the firewall has been an essential part of internet security. It has been designed to protect computers from external threats. However, the fact that firewalls are made to protect you from external threats, they also can hinder your ability to access the internet. Use the steps below to unblock your internet connection firewall. Unfortunately, there is no one solution for unblocking an Internet connection firewall block. Depending on your situation, there are a variety of solutions you may be able to try. (For example, if you are trying to unblock a firewall on a computer, you could try rebooting the computer, or re-installing the firewall). However, the solutions that work for one person may not work for others, and this article is not meant to replace advice from a professional.

How do I unblock incoming connections in Windows Firewall?

Windows firewall can be used to block incoming connections to your computer, and this tutorial explains how to unblock them in Windows 10. Windows Firewall is a piece of software included with Windows that helps protect your computer from unauthorized access. If you want to allow an application access to the internet, you can allow it in your firewall by setting up a rule. Conclusion: Blocking incoming connections is not something you should do lightly. If you block something, you won’t be able to connect to it. So if you block a connection that you later find you need, you’ll have to unblock it and then make your changes. It’s best to unblock what you don’t need and keep the things you do need.

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