The game is set in the west of America at the end of the 19th century. The main character is Billy Jackson. Billy is forced to grow very fast, when he learns that his father was killed. He embarks on a dangerous journey of revenge. It’s an exciting and dynamic action–adventure game, based on the famous book by Jack London.

When I started playing Outlaws & Legends, I was a little bit confused about how to complete all the quests, especially the story quests. After I tried a lot of times, I finally found some good tips to complete all the quests and make the game more interesting. Hope that these tips can help you to complete all the quests.

This guide contains a summary of all major steps and quests that you will have to complete in order to beat the game. This guide is written for people who already have a clear understanding of the game, so you might find some spoilers ahead. If you are a beginner, you should better first explore the in-game tutorials.

The young wolf is an achievement/trophy in Hood: Outlaws & Legends, but there is also a mission in the game that you must complete to get a certain arc. While the goal of accomplishing this mission may seem simple, in practice it can be incredibly difficult. This guide offers you some tips and tricks to make your work in the Young Wolf game easier when playing as Robin in a game.

How to complete Young Blood in Hood: Outlaws and Legends

To complete the Young Blood mission, you as Robin must kill multiple enemy players in a 4v4 match with a single arrow. It is not possible to perform this task in course mode. You must destroy at least two other real players. To some, this may seem impossible. After all, if the arrow is shot into the head, it will still hit the target’s head. The key is Robin’s Explosive Arrow skill, which can only be used twice per game.

Do not lose the detonation arrow

Screenshot word-image-5458 Your explosive arrow skills will be recharged during the game. By attacking and killing enemies, he recharges much faster. If available, do not waste it on a single enemy shot, unless you are in trouble and that enemy is the sheriff. Keep your skills up and wait for the right opportunity to come along.

Looking for a fight

Screenshot word-image-5459 You can always see your allies when exploring the map during a match. If you see some of them taking damage, that’s usually a good sign that the enemy team is attacking them. Approach them as soon as you see they are damaged. If you’re lucky, your teammates will have time to tag an enemy before killing them to reveal their location. When you see fights like this, it’s a good opportunity to finish off Young Wolf. Players tend to stick together when facing each other, meaning you can use your explosive fire to kill multiple opponents in one shot.

Enemy Explosive Arrow Marker

Screenshot word-image-5460 You now know that an explosive arrow is the best way to accomplish this task. Make sure you always hit your opponent with the arrow when you shoot at him. This allows the opponent to move the blast to any location, usually to other teammates. If you hit an object in the world, your targets are too easily outside the blast radius. If you hit a player while he is fighting an ally, he is much more likely to destroy a member of his team because the explosion will kill him.

Save it for the last moments

Screenshot word-image-5461 The final moments of a match are exciting, but you can ramp up that tension with an explosive arrow. If the opposing team is running out of steam and only has one or two slots left, that’s the perfect time to fire your explosive arrow. Hit one of the enemies on the winch. This will stun them, but the other player will not realize what is happening until it is too late. By the time one player can leave the area, both have been killed by the explosion. This tactic relies on teams playing well together and always keeping two players on the winch. Take that momentum and use it against them.

Put them in the safe

screenshot word-image-5462 Another place where your enemy is likely to gather is the vault. Here, one player must open the door, another must cover it, and a third must take the chest. This is also when John is mostly incompetent. He’s the strongest and best chest bearer, so he won’t be able to fight you right away. As soon as you see that your opponents have opened the chest, sneak up on them. Then fire your explosive arrow at them as they investigate the chest. The vault is so small that they have no time to escape without being blown up.

trap Sheriff

Screenshot word-image-5463 The sheriff may be more useful to you than you initially think. First, he’s the one with the key at the beginning of the game. If you find it, see enemies approaching and mark it with an explosive arrow, you can turn it into a trap that explodes and kills multiple enemies. You can also wait for the sheriff to approach the winch later in the game. He likes to get close to you, so use that as a weapon. Hit him with an explosive arrow when enemies try to shoot him, and watch them all die with a single shot from your bow.


Screenshot word-image-5464 If you complete this task, you’ll unlock the Crimson Osprey bow in your lair’s weapons shop, a weapon that looks like it was made from the bones of a monster from The Witcher.

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