How To Fix A TV Screen That Is Too Dark (STEPS)

Want to know how to fix a TV screen that is too dark? Then this article is for you. Read it thoroughly so you don’t miss anything out! 

TVs are expensive, and if you’ve ever purchased one then you’ll know that they come with a lot of small components and tiny screws. A TV with a dark picture might sound like a minor problem but it’s actually a big letdown.

A good TV should be able to produce deep blacks and have a wide brightness range, but if you have a TV that’s too dark then this will not be possible. It can be a major headache trying to fix this problem, but it can be done. Here is a guide on how to fix a TV screen that is too dark.

Why Is the TV Screen Too dark?

Have you ever noticed how your TV screen gets darker when you turn on the TV? If you have, then you are not alone, millions of people have the same problem. We all like to watch movies at night or midnight and we don’t think about how dark the screen is. The reason is that we are used to this type of darkness and we don’t notice anything.

But if you think that the TV screen is too dark and you can’t see anything on it then you are not alone. This problem is faced by most people and they try to fix it using a flashlight. But if you have ever tried to use a flashlight to make the screen brighter, then you know that it will take a lot of time to make the screen brighter. So, why not just switch off the TV?

If you are facing the same problem, then here are some reasons why your TV screen is too dark:

  1. Too much light

Two things cause the TV screen to be too dark and these are too much light and too little light. When you are watching TV at night and the room is too bright, it will make the screen too dark.

You can avoid this by placing a curtain or something that will block the light from the outside. If you have a TV with an LED light then you can use it to light up the room.

  1. TV is not connected to the internet

You can’t control the brightness of the TV as the TV is not connected to the internet. So, you can’t adjust the brightness of the TV using the app or something like that.

  1. Other reasons

There are many reasons behind the darkening of your TV screen. Other reasons are that the wires of the TV are loose and they are touching each other. Or there is a problem with the connections. Or there is something wrong with the power supply.

How To Fix A TV Screen That Is Too Dark (STEPS)

Have you ever experienced a problem with your TV screen? It may be too dark or the colors might be dull. It is not a big issue if it is only a few pixels or it is just one or two pixels. But if it is the whole screen, then it is a big deal.

TVs are considered as one of the most used devices in a house because of their various functions like watching movies, games, news, etc. But there are some problems that may occur when you use it.

The first problem that may occur is that your screen is too dark. If this happens then you must follow the below-mentioned steps to fix it.

You might have also experienced other issues with your TV or Monitor like blue tint on it so, for this issue check out the article: blue tint on monitor on 4videoequipment

Steps to fix a TV screen that is too dark are:-

  1. You need to turn on your TV and press the power button for 5 seconds.
  2. Now, turn off the TV and connect it to the wall socket.
  3. Make sure the power cord is not too loose or it will disconnect from the socket.
  4. Now, plug the power cord into the wall socket again and make sure that the power is turned on.
  5. The next step is to adjust the volume of the TV. Go to the remote control and press the power button. Then press the “volume up” button.
  6. Once you adjust the volume, you can now close the remote control.


TV screens are a big investment for many people. Some people have a small budget and they cannot afford to buy a new TV now and then. So, they need to fix their old TV screen. Here, in this article, we explained the main steps that can be taken to fix a TV that is too dark.

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