The Super Mario Bros. franchise is 26 years old and counting. This makes it one of the longest-running and beloved video game series of all time, and it is no surprise that there are several fan communities devoted to making Mario hacks. These hacks are essentially modified Super Mario Bros. ROMs, or complete games built from scratch using the original game as a base. These hacks can feature new levels, new graphics, new music, and more. Some of the best hacks are the hardest Mario hacks, as they make the games more challenging for more experienced players. Technology and gaming blog Darkmoonsw recently posted a “Top 15” of the hardest Mario hacks, so let’s take a look.

I’ve been playing Mario games since I was a toddler, but only in the past few years have I started looking into the art of hacking. I’ve even dabbled in some hacking myself, though nothing as hard as these. I’m sure I’ll get flamed for this list, but hey, I’m just sharing my opinion!

One of the main reasons to play pirated ROM versions of your favorite Mario games is the new levels and higher difficulty – and I’m not talking about a few extra enemies or fewer power-ups.

Hacking the Mario ROM has given rise to many sadistic and seemingly invincible games.

They can be played by anyone, but they require a certain type of player to overcome them.

Are you ready for this challenge?

So here are some really ingenious Mario ROM hacks that will test your skills – and your patience. If you understand any of these, you’re probably in the top 1% of fans.

15. Super Mario Bros. 2: Master Search

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This ROM hack by Alex No has both increased difficulty and interesting aesthetic changes that set it apart from the classic SMB2 game.

The hack features a bold color palette that gives each level a slightly menacing look.

And this game is intense from the start.

By the time you complete the first level, you’ll have dealt with locked doors, dodged countless spikes, and fought the muse at least once.

14. Super Mario 64 : Black virus

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Not all hardcore hacks are in the 2D domain.

There are many challenging versions of Mario’s first 3D adventure on the N64 – and few of them are entirely unfair, like SM64: The black virus.

This is the sequel to the game Super Mario 76 : The Nightmare Edition is designed to be even more complex than the most complex hack known to date.

As such, it’s almost impossible to beat without external tools like Savestates.

Trying to play out this game – even with saves – is an exercise in masochism.

The levels are not only ridiculously dangerous, but also incredibly long.

Good luck collecting at least some of the 134 stars.

13. Super Dram World 2

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I love ROM hacks that change the look of the game, but for others, Vanilla Super Mario World is fine as it is.

Super Dram World 2 is an entry-level Kaizo hack that sticks to the design principles of vanilla SMW to retain the nostalgic appeal of the old school.

The creator of PangaeaPanga has put a lot of work and love into making a complex, but fun hack that anyone can play.

It is also ideal for fast passages.

And there’s even a built-in death counter, so you know how bad you are – or so you can brag about having zero deaths, like a famous YouTuber.

12. Kamikaze Brothers 3

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My favorite way to cause myself excruciating mental pain in the context of SMB3 is Kamikaze Bros. 3 by Barbarian.

What makes this hack so entertaining is the well thought out difficulty level.

The more you progress, the harder it is, but it’s gradual enough to ensure growth rather than frustration.

By solving this challenge, you’ll learn advanced techniques and how to abuse the mechanics of the game – skills you’ll need for all the other levels of the Kaizo game hack.

It’s a pretty fun game, but don’t be fooled: it’s brutal for those who aren’t platformers.

11. Kaizo Mario World 2

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The discussion about Kaizo Mario usually focuses on the first or third part of these hacks.

Kaizo Mario World 2 tends to go unnoticed, despite being even more complex than the original.

This may be due to the fact that T. Takemoto’s creativity was not up to par during the development of this game.

It’s just as intense as the other two, if not more so, but it brings nothing new to the table.

Watching this match is torture in itself at this point.

But if you want to become a true legend of the platform, you need all three games. I don’t make the rules!

10. Kaizo Breakfast 2: Elevensies

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As the name suggests, Breakfast Kaizo 2 is meant to be a light meal – something to start the day with. According to the creator of GlitchCat7, things got a little out of hand.

Most levels are fairly short, which works to your advantage because there are no checkpoints. The rest of the hack is devastating.

Overall, Breakfast Kaizo 2 is a very interesting ROM hack that I recommend to experienced players looking for a quick fix to keep their skills up to date.

9. King Boo’s Revenge 2

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Bowser may look menacing, but can he make you pull your hair out in real life?

TheBloody7’s original King Boo’s Revenge was already one of the most violent hacks in the world.

And his successor shifts up a gear.

King Boo’s Revenge 2 is 182 stars of pure pain.

Unlike less complex hacks that only concentrate the difficulty on a few levels towards the end, this hack has a high difficulty level from the start – and stays high throughout the game.

8. Storks, monkeys and crocodiles

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Creator Morsel brings us one of the most attractive and fun difficulty hacks for Super Mario World.

Storks and Apes and Crocodiles contains 17 brutal levels of absolute chaos.

Trial and error is crucial to making progress in this ROM hack. You can’t succeed in one, two or twenty tries – if you succeed at all.

Despite the extremely dangerous levels, the game remains fair.

You won’t find traps after targets or ridiculous hidden blocks in this hack. This ensures that every section you go through is deeply satisfying and not frustrating.

Another thing I like about this hack is the variety of puzzle levels that challenge your mind rather than your reflexes.

7. Super Mario 74: Extreme Edition

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When this extremely difficult version of Super Mario 74 was released, hacking SM64 in the Kaizo level was still a relatively new fad.

For years, this was the boldest hack of all time – and it was thought that it could never be recovered without the use of third-party tools.

In fact, the 157 stars can be acquired in the usual way – there’s just no one good enough to do it.

Years of practice have created a community of players who are incredibly adept at tackling this hack. And you can join them.

Now, SM74: Lugmillord’s Extreme Edition is comfortably positioned among the medium-weight kaijo hacks.

6. Grand Poo World 2

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If you know Barb, you know GPW2.

Anyone can make a super sophisticated hack with a little effort. But it takes a wizard like Barbarous King to come up with a hack that is both challenging and entertaining.

Grand Poo World 2 combines very robust platforming with unique level design, stunning graphics and rousing music that will keep you on your toes.

Even if you’ve never played the game, listen to the music. If you like music from the SNES era, you’ll probably like the soundtrack too.

And the bosses here are designed to technically surprise you before they crush your soul – and your character – over and over again.

This is not the most difficult hack. But this is one of the highest quality Kaizo games you can play.

5. Kaizo Mario World

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Nowadays, ROM pirates use the term Kaizo to refer to sophisticated fan-made games.

It all started with the game Kaizo Mario World, also known as A**hole Mario.

This shamelessly brutal Super Mario World ROM hack was created by T. Takemoto to torment a good friend by forcing him through a series of absurdly difficult levels that no normal person could complete without help.

It’s not the most perfect hack.

But it’s a great challenge and a piece of internet history.

4. Abuse Article 3

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Item Abuse 3 is the latest installment in Kaizo’s famous series of short hacks, in which you must use every item in the game in a ridiculous way to get through the game.

Creator Panga expects you to know every little problem and interaction with objects in Super Mario World.

Conclusion: Sink or swim.

In this ROM hack, it doesn’t always matter what the subject does. It’s more about how the game reacts when Mario picks them up, throws them or stomps on them.

Things like bouncing an object off a wall to catch it in mid-air, and dropping a jump will be your bread and butter in Item Abuse 3.

3. Super Mario Treasure World

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One of the most famous and influential hacks for SM64 ROM is Super Mario Treasure World by Rambi_Rampage.

Today it is considered an entry-level hack in the world of extreme SM64 modifications.

But when it was released, some called it the most complicated hack ever made.

This hack was so impressive that it inspired countless others to do their own terrible ROM hacks – and it was soon surpassed in complexity.

In particular, it was followed by Treasure World: Dream Edition, which remains unbeatable by conventional means.

2. Invictus

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Invictus from the creator of Juzcook is pretty famous, and for good reason.

This is an unusual Kaizo level hack in that its extreme difficulty isn’t even its main feature.

This ROM hack features 20 challenging levels with lots of custom elements, visually stunning graphics and an immersive soundtrack to keep you focused on the task at hand.

It’s complex, but fair, and doesn’t include the cheap tricks that some extreme hacks use – like hidden blocks.

What he does have is a ferocious final boss designed entirely for Invictus.

This hack will challenge and entertain you for hours – unless you’re a platforming god.

1. Kaizo Mario World 3

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The third installment in T. Takemoto’s popular Kaizo Mario series, this game brings many new ideas to the 16-bit torture simulator.

Among other things, this addition to the original sadistic ROM hack introduces Boss Rush mode, in which you can be crushed directly by certain creatures, rather than by the world around you.

The only way out is to give up all hope and degenerate into a soulless, emotionless machine.

By the end of the game, you’ll be a well-oiled Mario player, able to replay levels for hours until you can see the invisible blocks with your third eye.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the hardest Mario ROM hack?

The hardest Mario ROM hack is probably the one called “Dark Moon”, in which every level is a dark version. On the first level, there’s a white cloud. The second level has a black Koopa Troopa. The third level has a black Goomba. The fourth level has a black Bullet Bill. There’s a black Bob-omb on the fifth level. The sixth level has a black Piranha Plant. The seventh level has a black Hammer Bro. The eighth level has a black Pokey. The ninth level has a black Lakitu. The tenth level has a black Bullet Bill cannon. The eleventh level has a dark Bowser… In every Super Mario game, there are tools and tricks that can be used to make levels easier or harder. This even applies to Super Mario Maker, the Wii U game in which players can create their own custom levels and share them with others. However, there are some hacks that add a new level of difficulty to the game, one that often makes it impossible to complete a level without knowing the secret tricks used to create it. This article takes a look at the toughest hacks around.

What is the best Mario ROM hack?

It’s hard to beleive, but Super Mario Bros. was first released in 1985. That was almost 30 years ago, and it’s still the most popular platform game ever made. People love the challenge of the original game, or the nostalgia of the various ports. However, it’s not the same challenge today as it was back when the game was released. That’s why there are so many ROM hacks for Super Mario Bros. all over the internet. ROM hacks are basically just modified versions of the original game, which make the game more challenging. They’re not all worth playing, though. The best Super Mario Bros. ROM hacks are the ones that have interesting levels and new mechanics. A ROM hack is a fan-made modification of a video game’s ROM data, and are most commonly used for the purpose of making changes to them. There are many different hacks, from graphics changes to full-on programming overhauls. Some hacks are simple changes, while others are so complex they rival the original game’s complexity. (…)

Is it illegal to play ROM hacks?

Nintendo is known for having strict rules about what you can and can’t do with their games. For instance, f you want to play a game on a Nintendo system, then you can only play games legally licensed by Nintendo (no pirating). If you want to play a game not licensed by Nintendo, then you need to buy the Nintendo version and a peripheral that lets you play the game on your system of choice.  Another place where you can get in trouble with Nintendo is if you try to hack their games. The law of diminishing returns applies to all computer- and game-related hobbies. The more you do something, the less satisfaction you get from doing it. For some, this applies to ROM hacks as well. This article will look at the legality of playing ROM hacks in the US, and will discuss what you can and cant do when it comes to playing them.

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