Thank you very much Darkmoonsw

My name is Jack and here I want to give you my review of this website, which says it can give you free mana stones, energy, iso 8 and other items. I tried this Summoners War hack with my iPhone 6s and here is what I experienced:

I am a really die hard fan of Summoners War. Usually I spend around 4h minimum playing this game per day on my iPhone. Like every hardcore fan I am also spending my pocket money (I am 15 years old) for SW, so I have only a limited amount of money I can spend for items on the game. This is a real burden, because I play way too long. Normally I spend all the items right after I bought them, what makes it really hard for me to keep up playing the game. It would be a really good thing for me to get the items for free in the first place. At first it was just an idea, but later after I searched on Google, Facebook and YouTube I found out a tool like this is really existing. I visited and they already had the Summoners War Hack Apk on their homepage. At first I was really skeptical, because normally people saying hacks and generator are not working. What I did next was very simple and actually I didn’t that much before starting using the hack for Summoners War. I checked some reviews on DarkmoonSW and also I saw their video on the main page. Looked pretty legit to me actually.


Entering my username was not really hard, but at first I was wondering where I can choose my smartphone type. In the next step they asked me if I use iOS or Android, maybe they should change it so that they first ask for the OS and then ask for the username. After that they finally asked how many Mana Stones, Energy and Crystals I would like to have on my account. This is funny, because I actually only wanted to test the Summoners War hack and I started to type a very weird amount like “59872”. At this moment I didn’t really believe it works anyway, because it seems to be so easy. For one moment I thought “Come on, if it would be that easy, every gamer would use it.”. This is still my opinion. These days I am really wondering why not more people are using the Summoners War cheats and hacks. After choosing the amount of items I would like to get I pressed the “Generate” button below and a progress started. I waited for around 30 seconds and suddenly I got the message to verify myself as a human. I was like “wtf? verify as human?!” and I had no idea what to do actually. So I added one of the guys from this website on Skype and asked him. He explained why they want a human verification and how I can done it easily. He said not everybody gets asked to do this kinda verification, but when there are too many user at the same time this can happen. According to him the Online Hack can’t make a difference between bots, macros and real humans. Some gamer were using bots before to use this tool, which brought DarkmoonSW some trouble. After solving this verification successfully I got all the items within a few seconds on my iPhone! Thank you a lot!

Anyway, you should definitely close the game before using this Summoners War Hack apk. Just an advice.


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