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It might be easier to cheat and hack Summoners War than you think…

Hacking Summoners War is getting more and more popular even when this hack tool is kinda old. DarkmoonSW got published back in June 2015 and since then it had more than 50k user. There are people all over the world using the Summoners War Hack and generate unlimited free Mana Stones, Crystals, Energy and other items. Yes, you saw right: You are able to get as much items as you want. Normally you have to pay lots of money to get items, but with this Summoners War Hack apk you can get it all for free. You will save time and money by using our generator. If you want to use it we can recommend you to start right now. The whole process of using the Summoners War Hack on is really simple. There are a few things which are required. You need your username, the operating system you are playing on and the amount of the different items you would like to get on your account.


We don’t hack any accounts, also we don’t hack any account. It is not possible, because we don’t know your password. This means DarkMoonSW won’t have access to your account and also not to your smartphone. Still the basic account information are required to find your unique username on the database of Summoners War. Let me try to explain it. The database are filled with values of usernames, items and platforms. First the Summoners War Hack Tool has to find the right database. For this we need to know the platform (iOS or Android). After that it has to find the right user out of the million. As you know there are lots of gamer playing this game every day. New accounts are created daily and some accounts are left behind. We have to figure out the right one and thats why we ask for your unique username. This is a live progress thats why we also ask you to log off from the game. Gamer which are currently playing the game are not able to receive the changed amount of items, because their values are not editable. So, before you are actually using the Summoners War Hack you should log off, close the game and start using the online hack then. We change the different values to the desired amount of Mana Stones, Energy, Iso 8 and Crystals you would like to have. . Since this action is kind a complex it takes a few minutes for the database to update. If you don’t see any change you should try it again.


All the Summoners Wars Hack apk are running with hidden proxies. We are not taking your account to any risk. Also we have to hide our website We don’t want someone to fix bugs or something. All you can see on this website is legit and no scam. Check out videos on YouTube and you will see how perfectly it works on all systems and smartphones. Keep it simple.

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