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Useful Tips to Play Summoners War

Summoners War is a role-playing game that I think everyone should play. Besides providing free game play, with friendly in-app purchases features, the game also has a pretty unique gameplay and character designs. The gameplay itself is easy and fun, making it very addicting to play. The game also gives a lot of rewards such as experience points and mana stones, so leveling becomes an easy task.

Summoners War tells a story about an adventure in a monster summoner world. In this game, we will play as summoners who can call legendary monsters. These monsters come in different forms such as humans, animals, knights, wizards, ghosts, and even monsters shaped like mysterious boxes. In this game, we can also build cities and attack other players using these monsters.



Basically, there are different types of monsters in Summoners War. For example, nuke monsters strike fast and hard, but they die easily. These monsters usually rely on speed. However, it has a thin defense. Conversely, there are also tankers. The monsters tend to own great HP and defenses, but it does not have very great attack power or crit effect. The monsters do not die easily. Just like any RPGs, there are also monsters who give as much debuff as possible to the enemies. Sometimes, these traits appear in other types of monsters too.

Here are some tips from Summoners War Android hack so that we can play the game easier.


If you are new to the game, it is very useful to invite your friends with the Add Friend menu. If you invite your Facebook friends, you will get a rare monster free. Besides for this purpose, it is very recommended to have a lot of friends since we can receive social points from them. Social points can be used to randomly summon monsters.



Always improve the rules of your monsters the make them stronger. In the game, the level of the monster does not guarantee its strength or powerfulness. A low-level monster with a high-level rune can even be more dangerous than a high-level monster with a low-level rune. That’s why, we have to be careful about putting our runes to the monsters. Luckily, though, we can always take the runes out from the monsters by paying some manas based on its star.


Mana hunting

If we want to get more mana stones in a short time, we should fight monsters with stronger elements. For example, a monster with fire element should fight a water element, or a fire element with a wind element, etc. We can also go to dungeons with only two-starred monsters from friends. This saves a lot energy. The result will not be different than dungeons with monsters with three stars.
Arena Battle

It is much recommended to fight against other players in the arena because we can receive Glory Points each time we win and crystal rewards every week. Glory points are almost as important as crystals. We can use them to buy Mystic Scrolls.


Those are some basic tips to help you play Summoners War easier. If you want to play easier, quicker way, you can always find some Summoners War hack.





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