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Summoner’s War Tips and Tricks

Along with the rise of collector games which are available on mobile devices, one of the more specific branch which has gained popularity lately is called collector RPG, and that is precisely the genre that Summoner’s War is in. There are many collector RPGs available for mobile devices, and the genre has become quite popular indeed. However, many of the games available in the genre are cheaply made and not all that well-developed. They give you a number of monsters to collect, but there is no fun to be found in collecting half-baked monsters with no real specialty. Summoner’s War is another matter entirely. Right off the bat, players would be able to tell how detailed and polished this game really is. Players would be able to collect and raise many monsters—all of which have different attributes and characteristics and would require a different way to handle. Because of that, Summoner’s War could be a rather difficult game, and many players ultimately resort to the help of a Summoner’s War hack. That is fair and all, but several tips and tricks could also help you in becoming the master of this game.


Best Way to Play Summoner’s War

When it comes to Summoner’s War, there are several tips and tricks that have been recommended by experienced players. They include:

  • Learning about Attributes

Different monsters have different attributes, and it is important to learn about them so that you would know which attribute is strong against what. This will make a great difference the further you get in the game. Make sure that you utilize the enemy’s weakness when you are fighting them. For example, if the enemy is Wind-based, then use a monster with Fire attributes. It will make the battle an easy and fast one.

  • Make Good Use of Arena Battles

Arena battles would reward you with important items that would help strengthen your party as you go. The better you are at the game, the better the rewards would be, and you could always train your monster by collecting EXP in arena battles.

  • Focus on One Enemy at a Time


Often, enemies would show up in groups, and it may be tempting to tell your monsters to attack both at the same time, but the better strategy is actual to tell your monsters to attack the same enemy over and over again. As one falls, it would not be able to deal damage upon your party, and that is one less thing to worry about.

There are many other tips and tricks that you would be able to find. Summoner’s War is a pretty addicting game, and there are many players who have dedicated countless hours to this game in order to get better at it. If you find the leveling up part to be tedious, you could always use a Summoner’s War hack. This would allow you to save time on the boring parts, and you could skip straight to the best part of Summoner’s War that allows you to have tons of fun.

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