How can I use the Summoners War Hack correctly?

Check out our tutorial on the “how to” page.

In what languages is the tool available?

Recently it is available in German, English, French and Dutch. We will add more languages soon.

How long does it take to get the free items?

Well, this depends on many things. The actual usage of our website, the usage of the Online Hack, the usage of Summoners War server, your location/country, what time it is, if there is any maintenance of the game recently and so on. In general it shouldn’t take more than 24h. Normally it should take up to 30 minutes.But as said: It depends on many things.

I didn’t get any items? Did I do something wrong?

Normally it should work and you should see results within 24 hours.  If not please check the how to page, use the tool again or try to contact our live support.

Do you hack my account or the game?

NO! We don’t hack your account. We don’t ask for any personal information. Also we don’t connect with your account or anything like that. Either we don’t hack the game! We simply take advantage of a existing bug.

Do you also have cheats for other games?

Yes, recently we have many projects in different mobile games.

Can I request to get free items on other games?

Contact our live support or webmaster for any requests. We will try to make it happen.

Is there really no risk of getting banned?

No, as long as this website exist we never got any complain about an user getting banned.

Why I have to make a survey / human verification?

Many people don’t like to fill a survey, but we really have to do it for protecting our website and the online hack. You can’t imagine how many people try to develop bots, which abuse or misuse our hack tool. Before we tried to keep it going without survey / human verification, but there were some hacker which sent hundreds of requests to our Online Hack in seconds. This made our website slow and the¬†servers were not working correctly. Using human verifications or surveys to prevent this problem is well-known in the gaming hack niche.