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Thank you very much Darkmoonsw

My name is Jack and here I want to give you my review of this website, which says it can give you free mana stones, energy, iso 8 and other items. I tried this Summoners War hack with my iPhone 6s and here is what I experienced:

I am a really die hard fan of Summoners War. Usually I spend around 4h minimum playing this game per day on my iPhone. Like every hardcore fan I am also spending my pocket money (I am 15 years old) for SW, so I have only a limited amount of money I can spend for items on the game. This is a real burden, because I play way too long. Normally I spend all the items right after I bought them, what makes it really hard for me to keep up playing the game. It would be a really good thing for me to get the items for free in the first place. At first it was just an idea, but later after I searched on Google, Facebook and YouTube I found out a tool like this is really existing. I visited and they already had the Summoners War Hack Apk on their homepage. At first I was really skeptical, because normally people saying hacks and generator are not working. What I did next was very simple and actually I didn’t that much before starting using the hack for Summoners War. I checked some reviews on DarkmoonSW and also I saw their video on the main page. Looked pretty legit to me actually.


Entering my username was not really hard, but at first I was wondering where I can choose my smartphone type. In the next step they asked me if I use iOS or Android, maybe they should change it so that they first ask for the OS and then ask for the username. After that they finally asked how many Mana Stones, Energy and Crystals I would like to have on my account. This is funny, because I actually only wanted to test the Summoners War hack and I started to type a very weird amount like “59872”. At this moment I didn’t really believe it works anyway, because it seems to be so easy. For one moment I thought “Come on, if it would be that easy, every gamer would use it.”. This is still my opinion. These days I am really wondering why not more people are using the Summoners War cheats and hacks. After choosing the amount of items I would like to get I pressed the “Generate” button below and a progress started. I waited for around 30 seconds and suddenly I got the message to verify myself as a human. I was like “wtf? verify as human?!” and I had no idea what to do actually. So I added one of the guys from this website on Skype and asked him. He explained why they want a human verification and how I can done it easily. He said not everybody gets asked to do this kinda verification, but when there are too many user at the same time this can happen. According to him the Online Hack can’t make a difference between bots, macros and real humans. Some gamer were using bots before to use this tool, which brought DarkmoonSW some trouble. After solving this verification successfully I got all the items within a few seconds on my iPhone! Thank you a lot!

Anyway, you should definitely close the game before using this Summoners War Hack apk. Just an advice.


News about the latest cheat engine

It might be easier to cheat and hack Summoners War than you think…

Hacking Summoners War is getting more and more popular even when this hack tool is kinda old. DarkmoonSW got published back in June 2015 and since then it had more than 50k user. There are people all over the world using the Summoners War Hack and generate unlimited free Mana Stones, Crystals, Energy and other items. Yes, you saw right: You are able to get as much items as you want. Normally you have to pay lots of money to get items, but with this Summoners War Hack apk you can get it all for free. You will save time and money by using our generator. If you want to use it we can recommend you to start right now. The whole process of using the Summoners War Hack on is really simple. There are a few things which are required. You need your username, the operating system you are playing on and the amount of the different items you would like to get on your account.


We don’t hack any accounts, also we don’t hack any account. It is not possible, because we don’t know your password. This means DarkMoonSW won’t have access to your account and also not to your smartphone. Still the basic account information are required to find your unique username on the database of Summoners War. Let me try to explain it. The database are filled with values of usernames, items and platforms. First the Summoners War Hack Tool has to find the right database. For this we need to know the platform (iOS or Android). After that it has to find the right user out of the million. As you know there are lots of gamer playing this game every day. New accounts are created daily and some accounts are left behind. We have to figure out the right one and thats why we ask for your unique username. This is a live progress thats why we also ask you to log off from the game. Gamer which are currently playing the game are not able to receive the changed amount of items, because their values are not editable. So, before you are actually using the Summoners War Hack you should log off, close the game and start using the online hack then. We change the different values to the desired amount of Mana Stones, Energy, Iso 8 and Crystals you would like to have. . Since this action is kind a complex it takes a few minutes for the database to update. If you don’t see any change you should try it again.


All the Summoners Wars Hack apk are running with hidden proxies. We are not taking your account to any risk. Also we have to hide our website We don’t want someone to fix bugs or something. All you can see on this website is legit and no scam. Check out videos on YouTube and you will see how perfectly it works on all systems and smartphones. Keep it simple.

Free Mana Stones Hack Tool for Summoners War Sky Arena

How to Master Summoners War
When it comes to the matter of mastering Summoners War, there are some things you need to do diligently. Continuously utilize your coliseum welcomes. In spite of the fact that you may lose, at any rate, get the brilliance focuses for taking an interest. Eminence focuses are, extremely helpful, in light of the fact that getting a week by week Devilmon is critical to step up the attitudes on uncommon beasts, and in addition opening Glory structures. In the event that you are low on vitality, this could be a decent place to get five or so from the fights, and afterward ten from the Daily Mission. Try not to be doltish, and squander your precious stones right when you get them.

Tips on How to Master Summoners War
Attempt to dependably spare your gems to no less than two hundred and twenty-five, to get a Summoner Pack, or to seven hundred and fifty, to get a Premium Pack. Despite the fact that this doesn’t impact your fortunes by any means, it is simply more helpful to you over the long haul. Additionally, NEVER spend precious stones on reviving the Temple of Wishes, the odds of you really getting something great is amazingly far-fetched. Another great utilization of precious stones would be to set aside to two hundred to four hundred gems and purchase a one or three day EXP sponsor, then investing some time at some place like Faimon and reviving your vitality to power level a few creatures.

This can give you a pleasant support on the off chance that you are battling in Cairos or ToA, and you ought to be doing this occasionally. Remember this is a pounding and persistence diversion In this amusement it might require a long investment to fulfill your objectives, yet that can improve it tremendously when you accomplish them. Between cultivating for runes, mana, forces, creatures, XP, situations, ToA, prisons, and doing enclosure, there is an almost boundless measure of things you can do. In any case, keep at it, and you should complete things.
Accomplishments or Missions can have some truly decent remunerates. On the off chance that you need to spend a couple of precious stones to get to one, such as restoring one to three times on B7 of an Elemental Dungeon to get the Mystical parchment, do it. You have the judgment to know which ones to shoot for. Utilize the Fusion Hexagram. Every one of the three of the Fusion Hexagram creatures can be a superb expansion to any group. Katarina for cultivating and for Arena nuke. Keep at the top of the priority list she needs a strength buff keeping in mind the end goal to overlook safeguard, Sigmarus for the astounding pioneer ability, high DPS, and use in verging on each circumstance, and Veromos for the unparalleled debuff evacuation and utility. If you are not prepared to spend time and effort on this game, simply use Summoners War Hack. This Summoners War Hack would be able to improve your overall gaming experience.

Tricks and Tipps for this online game

Summoners War Tips and Tricks

Playing Summoners War is fun and all, but you need to follow some tips if you wish to get better at this game. Completely open the greater part of the spaces in your Shop. When you hit level twenty-eight, six-star runes will start to appear in your shop. In the event that you can’t clear larger amounts of Giant’s Keep or Dragon’s Lair, this could be your sole inflow of abnormal state runes. In spite of the fact that six-star runes can be uncommon, you can discover other decent runes in the Shop also. You should keep no less than four hundred thousand mana stones at all times as you can purchase the lion’s share of good runes. You will likewise get an OK measure of Mystical Scrolls, on the off chance that you are on a considerable measure it could even be one to two a day.


Some Useful Summoners War Tips and Tricks

This may not appear like much, but rather it truly adds up. Continuously do your Dailies. Doing a day by day would be clearly clearing the greater part of the everyday missions, additionally doing things like clearing the Rivals in Arena also. On the off chance that you need to keep a decent general adjust, do a keep running of Hall of Magic, the Elemental Dungeon of the day, Giant’s Keep, Dragon’s Lair, and possibly do a mystery cell. At any rate, this will permit you to gauge your groups advance, and when you at long last can clear something higher, you’ll know you are accomplishing something right.

In the event that you do these things day by day, your gems will include, and in addition save embodiments and runes, you will gain from the Giant/Dragon. Continuously do your day by day journey in Summoners War. Try not to disregard cultivating for runes. You could have a rebel group of six stars characteristic five-star creatures, however, they could be rendered futile in the event that they don’t have more noteworthy than three-star runes. You need to invest energy cultivating for good runes for your units. A decent point of reference to hit is B6 Giants since you can get a decent inflow of OK runes, with an exceptionally uncommon risk of getting a six-star rune.

It is not too bad mana to cultivate there too. In the event that you can’t cultivate even B4 or B5 once beating Faimon, invest some energy pounding Hell supervisor levels in the situation guide’s for six-star runes. Going any higher into the Giant’s Keep can be much harder, and Dragon’s Lair is on its very own level. Before you do anything significant, attempt to get enter from another person, so you don’t commit a percentage of the same errors we did when we initially began playing. Use Summoners War Hack if you think this game is too complicated to master on your own. There is no shame in using Summoners War Free iOS and Android Hack because many people are also doing the same.


Use the Hack Tool and Apk now

Abundant Resources to enhance your Summoners War Experience

Just like movies and novels, games also have some genres that are indicated by how they are played. One of the genres that many people today like to play is a role-playing game or RPG for short. This kind of game brings its player to become a part of it; they are given many options to do and expected to have a role in the game, hence the name role-playing. There are maybe hundreds of RPG games available on smartphone application stores alone today, and one of them is Summoners War. It is proven that this game has been downloaded multiple times in Apple Store and Google Play, which earns it a high rating.


Although it looks just like any other RPG games, it boasts some features that not much other game has. The players are summoners who have the ability to use creatures in battles. Currently, there are hundreds of them that can be collected. Each is unique on its own and how players assemble their team of creatures fully determines their power in battle. Normally players fight with wild enemies in dungeons, but they can fight each other as well to see their strength. What might be the greatest feature of the game is creating a guild, which can accommodate up to 25 people. Guilds can declare a battle with each other and creates a massive excitement among players.

Apart from fighting, however, players can build their tranquil village where they can upgrade and make the village grow bigger and more majestic. To build places and decorate the village, players use the same currency that they use to buy items for their creatures, the crystals. Other than that, there are other resources as well, such as mana power and energy. Nevertheless, these resources are only gained in a fairly moderate amount through battles. Another way is to buy them using cash, but this is not economic at all, as some players might not be able to do that.


Try Summoners War hack!

Because of the circumstance above, players who are desperate of upgrading their battle power and village’s prosperity have to try using Summoners War hack. This hacking service is convenient since players do not need to download or install it to their computer or smartphone. All they need to do is just go to a web browser and visit the Summoners War hack website.

In this hacking service, players can generate a huge amount of the resource(s) that they want. Before doing so, they need to provide the e-mail address that they associate with the Summoners War account so that the hack can transfer the result. Next, they also need to specify on what platform they play, which are Android or iOS. After that, players are ready to enter the amount they need; though all resources are limited to 100,000 per day to avoid abuse and ban from the official game server. Many people around the world have used this hack and if you feel satisfied, feel free to share this hack to your friends.

Free Crystals, energy and mana stones

Maximize your Battle Experience using Summoners War Hack

Who does not like to play role-playing games? Playing games with this genre involves the players to be a part of the game; meaning that he or she has the capability of managing how things work in the game. This kind of game already has a huge number of fans since the early days of online gaming, and surprisingly it is still favored by many players today. One of the most played role-playing games today is Summoners War, which is playable through iOS or Android devices.

The nature of this game is like other RPGs in general, but there are more that players can do. In this game, players become summoners who use creatures or entities to fight. There are several kinds of monsters that can be collected, and since this is an online multiplayer game, everyone can commence player-versus-player or PvP battles. They can even create guilds to assemble the greatest faction ever. Apart from battles, players can also build their own lively village with amazing architectural structures.

In order for players to be able to buy items and empower their team creatures, players obviously need some kind of assets. In this game, the assets come in the form of crystals, mana power, and energy. Mana power is used to upgrade the creatures’ skill statistics while crystals are the universal currency to purchase items and create buildings for players’ village. Both can be obtained through battles with either dungeon enemies or other players. However, they need to be patient because the amount of crystals and mana power that they get from such option is generally not that much.


Is there a solution for this?

Another way to receive these important assets is through in-app purchases using cash. Certainly, this method will waste players’ money if they choose to do so in a frequent interval. For this reason, players should try to use Summoners War hack, an alternative for those who do not wish to spend too much while still being able to advance quickly in this game. It has to be noted that this hack is completely free, not like others that demand some money in return of their service.

What privileges does this hack give?

Summoners War hack allows players to have an abundant amount of the tree resources mentioned before: crystal, mana power, and energy. What they need to do is simple; they only need to visit the Summoners War hack website. Unlike other hacks that have to be downloaded and installed, this hack performs over the air. In the site, players are required to enter the e-mail address used to login into the game and specify what platform they use to play. This hack does not ask for players’ passwords since it does not need to go inside their account. After this is done, they can enter the amount of the assets they want. To make it fair, each player is limited to generate 100,000 assets per day for each category. Because of this, players will be safe from the ban as well.

Easiest way and strategy to hack the game

Summoners War Hack

The Summoners War iOS and Android Hack is now available for you to download. This best game is amazing and can be played in your free time. A game role-playing game that is circulating on the homepage Google Play Store is already innumerable, ranging from paid to free the in-app purchase feature. One of the famous mobile game developer, Com2uS to present one excellent game titled War Summoners: Sky Arena. Games are priced at no charge is arguably one decent RPG games played. As to whether the characteristics of this game, you can check out this review!


Summoners War: Sky Arena is a game with the theme of monsters. As per the title, the word summons which means calling is the core of the game. You have the ability to summon monsters to fight by your side.

How can? It is said that for thousands of year’s human beings fight each other to gain hegemony. Humans who have the ability to summon monsters have finally decided to make peace by holding a fight in the arena. Peace was achieved, but it began to appear mysterious force that is ready to cause chaos back.

Players will not be given a guide to playing using the writings are many and complex, and immediately brought into a fight. In addition to explaining the basics of using the various functions that appear on the game screen, the guide provided also provide a variety of tips that really helped the players in the future.


The monster can become a “soldier” in the forefront of your adventure. No need to use cash, you simply call the scroll obtained throughout the game. Type scroll owned affect the monsters that will appear. Some monsters can be combined with your favorite monsters in order to increase the strength.

In addition to running a wide range of primary and side missions available, you can also fight each other with other players in the Arena. Players are free to choose an opponent because the opponent will appear in the list is the players who are not playing. Plus, this game also adopted the concept of territorial defense as we can see in “Clash of Clans.”


Summoners War invites you to create different kinds of buildings that will support you in carrying out the mission. However, players do not need to bother with building a defensive wall and build additional troops. Monster owned the forefront in defending the headquarters of the monsters attack other players.

Summoners War became one of the role-playing games that must be played. In addition to providing in-app purchase features a friendly, visual appearance and character design is also quite unique, complements the gameplay is easy and fun. Reward provided such as experience points and which is also very much so that the development level of the players is also faster.

Previous I explain first what the game Summoner Wars, game Summoner Wars is a game based on android and iOS were released by Com2us, this game was released in May 2014 the game itself zoom in me a mixture of games hello hero and honor bound. Make sure to use Summoners War Hack so that you can play it easily.

Sky Arena Hack for free Crystals and Mana Stones

Summoners War Hack

It is time for you to activate Summoners War Crystal Hack and make the game that you play becomes easier to do. Mobile Gaming was having a heyday lately. Cheapening the price of a Smartphone makes a lot of people can easily buy them, even some people can have more than one Smartphone to meet their needs.

In addition to cheap, specification offered is also quite qualified to be able to run HD games that have been confirmed Smartphone takes a lot of resources. Because of that a lot of people who then install a lot of game titles for their play on their Smartphone.


The Best RPG Game

Summoners Wars is one of the mobile games studio made from a type of RPG game Com2uS, a mobile games developer studio of Korea. This game Free to Play, and is available for Android and iOS platforms.

Like most games, in general, the first thing that we will meet when entered into the game is a tutorial. That applies also in this game, we will be taught how to summon monsters, increase their strength, equip runes, bought the building up to the battle system.

Base-camp monster (characters) we are on an island floating above the clouds called Sky Arena. Monsters that we have will be seen moving here and there, a little gimmick that makes this game look more alive. The base that we have we can also fill in the various buildings as needed, such as Arcane Tower to help improve the defense arena, Magic Shop, Power-up Circle, Pond of Mana to produce Mana, etc. We can also expand our island so it can load more functionality upgrades to our monsters.


The battle system in this game is turn-based; we can do the PvE or PvP battle. In the manual mode, we alone determine what types of attacks that will be used and where the monsters are attacked. Camera view when the battle is very interesting, featuring 3D animation with some special cut scene when we do attack monsters or issue stance also makes it look more exciting fight.

All this happens in real-time depending on the action that we choose. But if we do not want to bother picking attack and skill moves manually, we can activate Auto Mode, we can choose the speed battle scene which runs up to 3 times faster.

To be summoning monsters we need a scroll, there are more than 400 monsters that you can summon from the scroll. Each monster has different attributes and different strengths so that we can customize to our play-style, respectively. If we want to create a lineup of monsters that can kill enemies quickly, be sure doing more than one damage dealer monsters in the monster lineup that we have.

It also each monster has its own elements, namely fire, water, wind, dark and light. These elements affect the strength of the current battle monsters, for example, water is stronger than fire, and the fire is stronger than air, and so on. In order to win this game easily, you can use Summoners War Hack.

Easier to win at the game on iOS and Android

Get Easier Achievement with Summoners War Hack

Playing one of the best Android games such as Summoners War might need you to use Summoners War Hack. This is one way to help you make the game easier. Some players might found it is not that difficult to play the game. However, some others might not find their best way to play the game as easier as the others. This is why you need to use this hack to help you cope with the game. In the following details below, you will be explained more about the game. This is how you will understand how to use the hack and how to cope with some challenges in the game better.


Know More about the Game

Though you might already know about the game by playing it before, it will not be enough. You need to get more information about the game. After downloading and installing the game, you need to be prepared with enough details. It will help you understand what to do while playing the game. This is what is considered as an important thing in playing the game. To find out about it, you can find it from the forum or the website where you can find tips and strategy to play the game. This is what you can do in order to play this game with a smaller chance to be stuck.

It is important that you understand about how the game works. A lot of details you can find from this game. For instance, there is such thing like picking up your monster that you can pick your monster. Next, you can put this monster everywhere you want. You can do it by zooming and tapping the monster to hold and you can drag it to any spot you want. This is just one thing about this game that is very simple. Getting this information will help you find out how the game will work.


Get the Best Hack to Help You

To get the best experience of the game is not that difficult. Using Summoners War Hack one of those options of how you can enjoy the game even more. If you find that the game is too difficult for you, it’s time to get this hack in your hand. This is the way that you can choose when you want something different for you game, something easier than ever before. You can find different kind of hack that will result in the same. What you need to do is just to find out which one of them that will suit you.

Though it might help you make the game easier to get the achievement and accomplish the challenges, you probably don’t want to overuse it. It might make you are easily bored to play the game since everything is getting easier. You can easily get the mana stones, crystals and energy to generate. Those three things are an important part of the game that it will be able to determine your winning. If you have decided what is the best way to play the game, you can use this hack to help you play this Summoners War game.


More items and higher level with this trainer

How to Play with Summoners War Hack?

One thing that you might need to think when you play Summoners War is Summoners War Hack. This is the answer that you can get when you can find no other solution in the game. Sometimes, it can be quite hard to play this game. However, you can find this hack as one of your best solutions. Though this is not recommended as the first option, it will be the best option you can have at last. This is how you can make this game better. With more options that you can find in the game, it is important to consider all options available. The following explanation below will tell you more about this hack and how you can use it.


What You Need to Do First

Using the hack might seem quite easy that you can just easily get it by browsing it. There are a lot of options of hack that you can find today to help you with your Summoner War game. It is not that difficult to find it since this is quite famous game. More players look for the hack to help them. It makes more websites appear to bring the solution for those players. This is why you will find some options of hack today. You might find that not all of them will be easy to use. What you need to do is to simply pick the one that quite easy to understand.

Once you have chosen one of them, you can start to try the hack. Though there are some choices of different websites with such hack, you need to also consider which one will give you the best benefit. For instance, one of them will let you get generate the mana stones, crystals and energy up to 999,999. This is the limit of those items amount that you can generate using the hack. Maximizing the limit for each item will let you get enough items to play this game. This is how you can try to pick one of those hacks tools that you can find via online.



Use the Hack of Summoners War to Achieve More

The point of using the Summoners War Hack that you will get certain achievements such as the mana stones or crystals or even energy. Some of those hacks will offer you very easy feature to use the hack. On the other hand, you will also find the hack that needs you to fill your username first. Each of them will provide you with different display and they will also offer you the different benefit of their hack. The example that you can find for this kind of hack comes with a very simple website. You can simply choose your platform and email of your mobile device. After that, you can decide the number of those three items that you can generate using this hack tool.

Using the hack will be the last option that you need to choose when you find no other way to cope with challenges. If you think that it will be too easy for you, you can try to use those tips and strategy that you can also find easily via online.